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Shop our 2023 clothing and accessories vendors.
LUISA Accessories-1.png

L-U-I-S-A accessories

A curated collection of wearable, affordable, giftable women's clothing and accessories popping up at a location near you or online.

Isabelle Gougenheim Designs-1.png

Isabelle Gougenheim Designs

Scarves, kimonos, reversible jackets, skirts, art

Malka Chic LLC-1.png

Malka Chic

Fashion solid and patterned tights for all women and all occasions



Hand knit clothing, accessories, quilts, sterling silver and gold plated jewelry.

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Soothe Our Souls-1.png

Soothe Our Souls

100% Cotton Lounge Wear.  Pajamas, Robes, Kaftans, Table Cloth and Napkins.  Block Printed and Hand Sewn.  All pajamas and robes come in a fabric envelope.  

Chicago Dog Co-1.png

Chicago Dog Co.

Pet accessories including bandanas, bow ties, collars, leashes and more.

Shopping Bags

Chicatolia Trading Inc

Leather items (wristbands, bags, belts, wallets, purses, journals) small souvenir items, European Apparel

gladys knits.jpeg

Gladys Knits

Handmade knitted and crocheted hats, ear warmers and scarves.

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Avery's Coasters and Keychains

Coasters, keychains, bracelets and necklaces

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LFM Boutique

Bistro, Bake Sale, French Market Posters, LFC & Flames Gear, and French Books

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Hatke partners with skilled artisans to create exclusively handcrafted textiles. Each product is individually made, and connects century-old techniques with modern products.

kimono sac japon.png

kimono japon sac

Bags made from vintage kimonos or obis (belts for kimonos), and created with beautiful silk patterns.

Chakra Girl.png

Chakra Girl

Vibrantly printed leggings for girls and women.

Six point pet.png

six point pet

Dog & cat collars & leashes, dog treats, dog & cat toys and bowls

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